What do I Wear to my Senior Session?

One of the questions we get asked the most about senior sessions is, “What should I wear?” Each senior session is 90 minutes and most seniors can fit in at least 3-4 different outfits, possibly more depending on how quickly you can change. We recommend bringing at least one timeless look, usually an outfit you choose with your parents. It’s something more modest that will be in style forever — these are perfect for wall portraits!

For your other outfits, think about bringing what you feel comfortable in; something a little more causal that shows more of your personality. We have found that some of our seniors’ favorite images are in an outfit that they tend to wear pretty often and feel more like themselves in! Whatever your choices, definitely bring things that are different in color. One of the great things about our studio is that your photographer will custom design your sets based on what you bring to wear. If you have a variety of colors you will have a lot more variety in the looks we can create for you.

Have a hobby or play sports? Bring your gear! Whether its sports, music, horseback riding, cars, you name it and we can incorporate it into your session! Love your prom dress? It can be one of the outfits you bring to your session too.

Don’t limit yourself, bring everything you love! Our photographers are experts at helping you choose the clothing that flatters you the best. We suggest you bring at least 1 or 2 outfits with long sleeves, even the slimmest person can look slightly heavier in sleeveless tops. Navy and gray tend to photograph a bit dull, so look for stronger, richer colors and definitely try to bring a color that matches your eyes. Don’t forget that accessories finish any look! Hats, headbands, jewelry, shoes, jackets, anything you can easily take on and off in the camera room can help add variety and fun to your outfits.

Most importantly when considering your outfit choices, it’s vital that you feel great during your session. Whether it’s in a formal dress or a t-shirt and jeans, you’re going to love your images. This is your time to shine!

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