Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Kent Smith Photography?
Our studio address is 12923 Stonecreek Drive, Pickerington, OH 43147. It is just past the Pickerington Branch of Ohio University.
What do I wear?
When it comes to choosing clothing colors, try selecting a color that matches your eyes. Navy and gray tend to photograph a bit dull. Look for stronger, richer colors.


Bring at least 1 or 2 outfits with long sleeves…even in the middle of July. Even the slimmest person can look heavier in sleeveless tops.

If you have trouble deciding what to wear, bring it all! Our photographers are experts at helping you choose the clothing that flatters you the best.

Bring accessories! Hats, jewelry, shoes, jackets…Anything you can take on and off in the camera room can help add variety and fun to your outfits.

How many outfits do I get?

Our 90 minute senior session is perfect for 3-4 outfits. If you are a quick changer we may be able to do more, but your session will start at exactly the time it is scheduled, and will end exactly 90 minutes later. If you would like to do sports or any kind of “specialty” outfit, we highly recommend scheduling additional time.

How should I style my hair?
You shouldn’t have to worry about your hair for your senior pictures. We have an incredible team of hair and makeup artists who love making you look and feel beautiful!


Make sure your hair is exactly the way you wish it to appear in the finished photographs. Any hair hanging in your face (like bangs) can cause unflattering shadows in your images. Waiting to do your hair or makeup at your session time will dramatically shorten your camera room time and number of images that will be taken.

What about makeup?
It’s your special day, and you should look and feel amazing! That’s why we have an amazing team of hair and makeup artists whose job is to pamper you and make you feel beautiful before your time with our camera.

We strongly recommend wearing makeup (at least foundation and blush)! Even if you don’t normally wear makeup and want to look natural in your photos, makeup is still necessary. Not wearing makeup will cause your skin and face to appear washed out under certain lighting styles, which limits the variety in your session.

What if it rains?

Your photographer will keep a close eye on the weather, and will call you if rescheduling is necessary. The most beautiful outdoor lighting is either right before rain or right after rain, so we may try to wait it out. Regardless, we will still do the indoor images.

Do you know my yearbook requirements?
Yearbook guidelines change every year. Please find out the specific requirement from your school, and tell us prior to your session.
Can you help me pick a frame?

Our staff is expertly trained in choosing the appropriate frame for every image. There are a variety of frames available for you in all sizes. To determine the size and shape of your portrait in frame, consider the wall space where it will be displayed. Interior designers recommend that a portrait occupy at least 50% of the wall space. If not, the viewer’s attention will be drawn to the wall rather than the portrait.

What’s the catch with the free family session?

There’s no catch! Family is very important and that’s why we gift all our senior clients with a FREE Family Portrait Session.

Special note to mom and dad:
Parents are encouraged to attend! Although your initial thought may be that you feel your presence may make your child uncomfortable, we have found the opposite to be true. It is really a fun experience to share with your teenager.


If you are unable to attend the session, please take a moment to write down any requests and send it with your senior to the session. Make note of expression preferences (smile vs. serious), if you are trying to match a previous senior’s portrait, or if you have specific concerns.

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