How to Style for a Senior Session: Men

When it comes to choosing outfits for a senior session, we know it can be difficult, and that’s why we’re here to help! This blog post will be all our tips and tricks to picking out the perfect outfits for your senior session. I know for some men, their outfits are one of the last things they are thinking about, but if you are a mother of the men who are getting pictures (and paying for them), I know you want them to look their best. We hope this blog post will help in the outfit decision making process and gives you some inspiration for your upcoming sessions!

Tip #1: Bring your personality!

Bringing your personality is one of the most important things to remember when looking for outfits for your senior sessions. 

These photos should really capture who you are and one way to do this is through the outfits that you wear! You will have these photos forever, so you should be wearing something that you feel amazing and confident in and that really shows your personality. If you’re looking for an outfit and you just don’t know where to start, I suggest looking one piece at a time. Find a piece that you really like, whether it be a shirt that’s your favorite color or an amazing jacket that really shows your style, and then work around that piece.

If you are trying to find a complete outfit all in one place or all at the same time, it can get overwhelming and frustrating, and picking out your outfits for your senior session should be fun! Don’t overthink it and wear something that you love and will make you happy that you wore it when looking back ten years from now. Before buying anything, first look throughout your closet! Sometimes you can find pieces or even whole outfits that really show who you are and what your style is really like!

Tip #2: Variety

With a typical senior session 3-5 outfits are worn, so this allows for a lot of variety. When it comes to men’s wear, I know it can be a little more difficult to have various styles of outfits than it is for a girl. When looking at past men’s albums, almost every guy is wearing some form of a suit. I think this is great as you can use these photos for your yearbook photo and for when you need something more formal. 

If you really have no idea what types of outfits you should wear or maybe you just have no preference as to what you wear, I came up with a breakdown of outfits that will help guide you in the right direction as to decided what outfits to bring. For example, you could bring one suit, two dressy/formal outfits , which could include dress pants or khakis and a dress shirt or sweater, and finally 1-2 fun outfits that really show your personal style, whether that be ripped jeans and band tees or flannels and boots. 

I think this will give you a very wide range of outfits that will look best in a photo album and gives you some room to be creative in your outfit choices.

Tip #3: Layering

Layering is a huge factor when it comes to the outfits you are wearing in your senior photos, especially when it comes to men. Whether it be layering a dress shirt under a sweater or wearing a fall jacket or flannel, all layering can add so much to your photos.

Not only does it add dimension to your photos, but it can also add variety to them. If you’re wearing a jacket in some photos, take off the jacket, and you essentially have a whole extra outfit. This is also great for varsity jackets. If you want a few photos taken in your varsity jacket, wear a nice outfit underneath and then throw on the jacket for the last few shots. 

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