I’ve always wanted to do this.

“I’ve always wanted to do this.”

“I thought about cancelling several times before this.”

“I could never do something like that.”

These are phrases we always hear before a woman gets do to a boudoir photography session. So, we’d like to walk you through the process of having a boudoir session with the pros to help ease those butterflies! Being nervous before a boudoir session is completely normal, and we want you to know we are here for you.

Professional Hair & Makeup

Our all-women staff makes you feel incredibly relaxed the second you walk in. First, you’ll be escorted to your private dressing room and served a mimosa (or beverage of your choice!) before you head downstairs for your professional hair and makeup. This is when most women take the first deep sigh of relief; realizing that you don’t have to do your own hair/makeup is a huge win! Not to mention, our hair and makeup artists are second to none. Hair and makeup takes about 90 minutes, right here in our studio’s salon. Our artists are experts at making you look glam AND still look like you – which is the goal. Make sure your hair is clean and dry when you arrive!

**PRO TIP: Make plans to go out after your boudoir session because you will LOVE the way you look and feel… like a queen!

Game Planning

Once finished with pro hair and makeup, your photographer meets at your dressing room to finalize the session game plan. She makes sure that you are both on the same page style-wise, and that she is prioritizing your favorite outfits. Remember: we only have time for 3, sometimes 4 outfits (if you change fast). Our studio is different from most – we don’t have a standard array of backgrounds that we rotate between – that’s boring! Instead, our photographers design and build a set specifically for your favorite outfits, which means each set design is perfectly curated and custom to you. Once the game plan is decided, it’s go-time!

**PRO TIP: If you have special requests for your session, please text your ideas in advance. Telling your photographer about all of your cool ideas 30 seconds before you are photographed does not guarantee we can do them – and a lot of time we WANT to!

The Session

When you are photographed in a boudoir session, its a lot like being swept off your feet in a romantic Hallmark movie – only you are falling in love with yourself. You have butterflies, excitement, nerves… all the feels. You can trust that your session will be fast-paced and high energy. Your photographer tells you how to do everything, and we mean everything. She directs you on how to: pose, stand, bend, arch, etc… and THEN she adjusts your clothing, fixes hair, and coaches your facial expression. She’ll also play your favorite music, or a fun playlist to set the vibe! The session that you were so nervous for, flies by because – gasp – it was one of the most fun things you have ever done for yourself.

**PRO TIP: Practice your facial expressions in advance in the mirror. This feels silly, but trust us – you will be so happy you did. Go to our Instagram and check out our pinned “facial expression” reel for help.

The Order Appointment

YOU DID IT! Now it’s time for what could be the most nerve-racking part: your order appointment. This appointment is an hour long, and we take you through all the beautiful images from your session. Trust us – prepare to love them all. For many women, they have never felt this way about themselves, even though they deserve to. This experience is the best form of self-care. Many women request an album as a gift to themselves, which is a really great way to give your images purpose. If you don’t know what you want to do, don’t worry! We are here for you – we will help you make the best decision on what is right for you.

**PRO TIP: Review our price menu in advance, and expect to love more images than you think. Many women think “I’ll be lucky if I like one or two” and then they have 50 favorites – so be prepared!

Here’s how a few women felt after their session:

“SO HAPPY I DID NOT CHICKEN OUT!!!! I am a 54 year old wife, mother and grandmother. I’m not pleased with my body at all and I never wear makeup…low self image… I could not be more pleased with my photos ❤️ I would do it again in a heartbeat!!”

“I almost canceled! But my husband said “Nope you’re going. You need this.” Boy was he right! I’ve always had weight issues. But these ladies made me feel and look beautiful. I’ve earned this body. Marriage, children, years of work, family stress and age (almost 40). Thank you ladies so much!”

I’ve never felt prettier. Would 100% do again.

“I’m so happy I went through with the photo shoot! I was so nervous at first.. I didn’t know what to wear or what to expect. But the moment I walked through the door, I felt pampered. It was quite the experience, and I enjoyed every moment of it. The ladies are fantastic! It was definitely a confidence booster. All ladies should get a chance to do this! No matter your age, or size, or body.. We’re all beautiful! 💕

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