Hi everyone, my name is Raven and I am a 29 year old mother of 3 amazing girls: Lexi, Paris, & Dalis!
Where do I even begin?
When my children and I were approached with the opportunity to become influencers for KSP, we were BEYOND excited! To be able to work with Sherri and Amanda on a consistent basis, that’s something that you don’t turn down!
I can remember my first experience that I had with KSP as a senior in 2008. I went in not really knowing what to expect, only holding the beautiful images I had seen of a fellow classmate that had recommended them to me. I can remember walking up to the front door, looking around at the scenery and thinking, “This is different!” I rang the doorbell and was instantly greeted with a smile, “Welcome! Come on in!” From the moment that I first walked in, I felt like I was at home! The aroma of scented candles that filled the air made the atmosphere so cozy and relaxing and my anxiety quickly left my body. I walked down a hallway full of beautiful family portraits and was directed to my dressing room. MY DRESSING ROOM! With MY name on it! I felt like a star! I was instructed to get dressed in my first outfit while they prepare the shoot area. From that moment, I knew I would never use another studio again.
Fast forward, three kids later, KSP has been responsible for ALL of the breathtaking photos that fill my home. From pageant photos for Paris, to portfolios & Christmas photos with Santa for Dalis, KSP has been the studio to take care of all of our photographic needs! With my girls having three very, apparently, different personalities, Amanda always does a great job bringing them out through photo!
I am beyond honored and excited to work closely with the studio, as my girls and I truly feel like Sherri, Amanda, and the rest of the KSP staff are just like family.
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