As a high school student it can be hard to decide to go against the crowd and do things a little differently. Everyone shops at the same stores, listens to the same songs, and wears the same clothes. But think of how different your personality is from your classmates! It’s time to shake things up and defy the conformity- and it can all start with choosing Kent Smith for your senior portrait experience.crouch-outdoor-81mason_102

At Kent Smith we acknowledge that the root of the word “customer” is “custom”. No two shoots are the same and we love being able to highlight the individuality of every senior that walks through our doors. Every member of our valued Kent Smith family leaves our studio with unmatched portrait artwork and an impeccably personalized experience.

So I encourage you to branch out and take the road less traveled- we would be honored to travel it with you.  carpenter-wildflower-51_pp hendrickson-8

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