Your Investment

We feel that every part of the experience is our favorite, but the actual portraits you will display in your home are sure in the end to be your favorite!!  To help you get more of what you love, we have put together packages of what our clients most commonly order together.  Bundled together they are a savings and discounted from our a la carte pricing, but when you place your order at your scheduled order appointment within 10 days of your session you are eligible for an even greater bonus!  Those prices are listed to the right of the Collection prices below.  These Bonus prices are only available during your scheduled appointment time within 10 days of your session.  To be fair to all our clients we do not make exceptions.

The Basic Collection

Lab print, mounted 

4 gift prints, same pose. 

Additional pose charge +75,

Upgrade to canvas +75

                               Collection         Bonus

24×30                     1395                  1150

20×24                      1295                 995

16×20                      1195                 895


$80* monthly payment


The Standard Collection

Lab print, mounted 

5×7 Little Black Book with 10 images

Digital Collection of images in album

Upgrade to 20 image album +250, canvas upgrade +75

                               Collection         Bonus

24×30                     2190                 1895

20×24                     1895                 1695

16×20                     1690                 1395


$124* monthly payment

The Album Collection

10×10 Luxe custom album with image on cover, starting at 20 images

Digital collection of images in album

Collection         Bonus

2195                  1695


$151* monthly payment

The Essential Collection

Canvas wall portrait

8×8 Luxe custom album with image on cover, starting at 16 images


                               Collection        Bonus

24×30                     2395                 1895

20×24                     2095                 1695

16×20                     1895                 1595


$142* monthly payment

The Wall Art Collection

(4) 11×14 canvas portraits

10 gift prints, your choice of the following sizes

8×10, 6×9, 5×7, 5×6, 8 wallets


Collection        Bonus

2495                 1895


$168* monthly payment

The Digital Collection

Your favorite 24 digital images with printing rights


Collection        Bonus

2400                 1995


$177* monthly payment

The Luxe Collection

Canvas wall portrait

ALL FAVORITES (yes, all of them!) as digital files


                               Collection        Bonus

24×30                     3495                 2995

20×24                     3195                 2795

16×20                     2995                 2395


$213* monthly payment

The Kent Smith Collection

Canvas wall portrait

10×10 Luxe custom album with image on cover, starting at 20 images

Digital collection of images that will be in your order


                               Collection        Bonus

24×30                     3195                 2895

20×24                     2995                 2595

16×20                     2795                 2495


$222* monthly payment

Collection Add-Ons

Digital File Collection

If you only want to share your images online, or print your own 8x10s, a digital file package is a great option.


TWELVE digital files 1050

SEVEN digital files 875

FIVE digital files 800

THREE digital files 550

ONE digital file 250

Each digital file is sized to print as an 8×10 or smaller.



Pieces of Me – 15×30 w/frame and non glare glass-Upgrade to metal +99

Collection– 695  Bonus– 495

4 Image Art Strip – 20×8 w/frame and non glare glass

Collection– 695  Bonus– 495

Slim Composition – 5×30 w/frame and non glare glass

Collection– 695  Bonus– 495

BONUS:  Archival Digital Collection of all ordered images



Without base unless noted. Base +25


4×6, 5×5, 5×7, 6×6

Collection– 250  Bonus– 195


Collection– 350  Bonus– 285

11×14- Horizontal

Collection– 550  Bonus– 495

11×14 Vertical w/ Base

Collection– 575  Bonus– 525

What to Expect
After your portrait session, we will help you schedule your complimentary Order Appointment. This appointment will take place within 10 days of your session.  We reserve 60 minutes for you with our Portrait Consultant to view and select your images for your portrait order.  Payment in full is due at this appointment, however we also have a payment plan available to all clients.  You may pay for half of your order total the day of your appointment and the remainder can be made in payments applied to your debit or credit card on the 15th of each month.  Your Portrait Consultant can provide you with the details.  If your schedule prevents you from coming in to place your order within 10 days of your session or make payment on your order, please schedule your session for a date that is more appropriate for you.  You are also welcome to schedule your order appointment in advance.  If you have limited availability we recommend that you do this.  When you schedule your session please ask our Client Liaison to also schedule your Order Appointment and she will be happy to do so.

Your Order Appointment is complimentary but if you have a larger or extended family that will need additional appointments to order separately, or if you will need more than 60 minutes to place your order, please let us know and we are happy to schedule additional appointments for your convenience.  They are $75 each. You will receive special incentives and bonus savings that are only available when your order is placed within the 10 days of your session date, so please bring anyone you would like to help you make your choices. Images will not be held if not ordered within 30 days of your session date.  All images ordered are archived for a year.

We carry the finest archival quality products available. We are proud to say that we handcraft and frame our canvas and fine art prints here in our studio with attention to every detail. Our handcrafted Italian leather albums, wall art and gorgeous modern metal art are unrivaled. We will guide you through all the finishes for our products during your order appointment. We encourage you to touch and look at our artwork finishes while you’re here for your session!

Rescheduling Policy
One of the amazing things about our studio is that we are small and give our clients a custom experience like no other.  As a small studio, we have one camera room and reserve the time with our photographer just for you. Please give us at least 7 days notice if you need to reschedule to avoid any additional charges. We are open Monday through Thursday 10am to 6pm.  Outside of normal business hours please contact Sherri by email at

If you are using an auction or special certificate for your session, the same guidelines outline above will apply to your reservation fee for rescheduling purposes.

Weekends are the time we reserve to be with our own families, but we do occasionally schedule on weekends to accommodate our clients schedules. If you need a weekend time there may be a $100 non-refundable charge.

We understand sometimes last minute changes are unavoidable, so we appreciate your understanding that we are a business and must operate efficiently.

Why Kent Smith?
At Kent Smith Photography our style is refined and timeless. We carefully craft portraits that have beautiful dimensional lighting, elegant, yet natural posing and powerful compositions.

Our studio proudly offers a collection of the highest quality products available, from custom created albums, to gorgeous canvas wall portraits which will compliment any home décor. These carefully selected products combined with our artful retouching, take your portraits out of the ‘photo’ realm and into the fine art category. Your portraits will very quickly become the most cherished pieces in your home and heart.

Kent Smith Photography has been a pillar of the Columbus community for over 3 decades. We invite you to come and experience for yourself why families have trusted us to make portraits that will be cherished for generations to come.

Our Guarantee
We want you to have a memorable experience and leave with thrilling portraits every time. So much so that we 100% guarantee your happiness with everything we do. If you find that something is not as you expected, please speak with Amanda or Sherri. If you need to adjust your order, we are happy to accommodate you and make those changes. Please keep in mind that we do not issue refunds but will keep a credit on your account for you to use at any time in the future.

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