Hey everyone!

My name is Tatiana Rosado and I am an Influencer at Kent Smith Photography! I already base a lot of my work from Instagram, so I thought being an Influencer would be perfect for me. I wanted to be a KSP Influencer because it will allow my followers to better understand who and what the KSP brand is.

     If I had to describe my style I would either say it would be girly or trendy. I try to keep up with the latest fashion and celebrity trends, but I also love to do my makeup in a way to make myself look and feel girly. I would say my favorite places to shop are H&M, Shein, Fashion Nova, and Zumiez. Each store has lots of trendy, up-to-date clothes that fit girly or trendy styles. You can honestly never go wrong with any of those stores!
     My outfits that I usually wear for photo shoots are either from Fashion Nova or if I need a quick outfit, definitely TJ Maxx! An accessory I can’t live without is a rose gold crown ring that was passed down to me from my grandmother, it means so much to me and is absolutely gorgeous.

     When it comes to makeup, I am more of a full glam kind of girl. Don’t get me wrong, on a regular bases I usually just do brows and mascara, but when it comes to anything else it is definitely full glam time. During shoots I look forward to getting my hair done more because that isn’t my strong suit, plus it makes me feel good to be pampered and it builds my confidence. I mean who doesn’t like it when someone else glams them up, am I right? I usually prefer straight hair over curly hair, for me personally straight hair lasts longer than curly. On occasion I do wear my hair curly though, just to spice it up a little.

     My dream photo shoot at KSP would be to do a Coca Cola shoot or an elegant shoot. I’ve always wanted to do a Coca Cola shoot I think it would be so fun and girly, red lips are always a good move. As for the elegant shoot, I’ve never done one and KSP’s studio would be the perfect place for an elegant shoot with all of the elegant couches, backdrops, mirrors, etc. I believe I’m most excited to get my photos done at KSP because there are endless possibilities there, the scenery is amazing – literally breathtaking. The people are so extremely nice, they make you feel so welcomed and everyone there is so talented.
As for the influencer program, I am just excited to be a part of such a warm and welcoming place. I have always wanted to be a brand Influencer and I’m glad it is with KSP. They make me feel at home and more confident than ever. I’m excited to be able to share their amazing talent and my own with my friends, family and following base. I’m overjoyed to be a part of the KSP family!
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