There is a chill in the air and we couldn’t be more excited! Soon enough the snow will be falling at Kent Smith to create a dreamy backdrop to capture your senior, family and children sessions. Snow sessions are the perfect way to capture a fun and magical look for your senior photos. For $55, you will experience a whimsical session in the snow. SeniorPortraitsColumbusOhio

SeniorPortraitsColumbusOhioTo take advantage of this unpredictable beauty, please call the studio the day that it snows to book your session and to be sure that the scenery at the studio is covered in snow!

Hair and makeup is available, but may vary depending on the availability of Hillary, our hair and makeup artist. Think about outfits to wear- the more unexpected the better! Cozy hats, coats and scarfs are always cute. Do you have any prom dresses or ballerina outfits sitting in your closet? What a beautiful way to show them off! Are you a Kent Smith Model looking for a specialty session? Look no farther. Snow shoots may be substituted from specialty session options, or may be added for an additional $55 depending on model package.




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