Kent Smith Family Portrait Columbus, OhioA great family portrait warms a room better than any furniture you could ever purchase. It also reminds your loved ones that they will forever be the center of your home…and your heart. At Kent Kent Smith Family Portrait Columbus, OhioSmith, our portrait art is designed to grace the walls of your home so you can appreciate it every day. You will enjoy it for a lifetime and pass it on to future generations as a legacy and a reminder of the things that matter most in life – the people you love! It is our privilege to provide beautiful, heirloom quality portrait art that keeps the priceless memories of your past.

Kent Smith Family Portrait Columbus, OhioIn each of our Signature Family Sessions our photographer takes the time to not only pose the entire group as a whole but include breakouts of the family as well. These can include for example: mom and dad, just the children, mom and children, dad and children, grandparents, etc.Kent Smith Family Portrait Columbus, Ohio

Our staff will take the time to help you plan the perfect clothing recommendations as well. Creating the perfect portrait for your home begins with your clothing selection. While we do suggest clothing styles that lend themselves to being more classic or timeless, that doesn’t mean you have to wear bland clothes that all match. Based upon your home décor, the feeling you wish to convey in your images and the location of your session, we will guide you through selecting clothing that’s just right for you and your family.

Kent Smith Family Portrait Columbus, OhioIf you are a Pinterest user, you can view our ‘Portrait Palettes’ board, with samples of over 20 families dressed in different color palettes. Each palette has four color swatches that will easily allow you to mix and match colors without risking clashing.Kent Smith Children Family Portrait Columbus, Ohio

You might not be able to put your finger on it right away, but there is just something different about a portrait from Kent Smith Photography. We’ve spent the last 25 years perfecting and refining the family portrait into beautifully orchestrated groupings that have become our trademark style. What makes our style so unique is our ability to comfortably and naturally compose family groups to the point they don’t look posed at all. Everyone looks relaxed, beautiful, and most importantly, connected. Our goal is to take more than just a flattering portrait – our goal is to show the love and subtle ties that make each family unique.

Kent Smith Family Portrait Columbus, Ohio

Kent Smith Children Family Portrait Columbus, OhioWe keep our sessions fun, upbeat and work efficiently to keep the atmosphere lively and the smiles real. Making sessions relaxed and fun keeps kids (and adults too) from getting bored, which can lead to forced smiles or grumpiness.

Our work also stands out because of the technical expertise that goes into the creation and artistic finishing of each portrait. You’ll notice that our work has an almost painterly like feel. This is achieved through: correct lighting and exposure, capturing the light in each person’s eyes, separation from the background, no harsh shadows especially on faces, skillful and natural looking retouching, natural and believable posing, and beautiful always beautiful finishing.

All of this care and expertise results in creating a contemporary family masterpiece made exclusively for you, for generations to enjoy.

Kent Smith Family Portrait Columbus, Ohio


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