The Miller Family

We first came to Kent Smith about 7 years ago for family pictures. The way they took the time and took so many different pictures was wonderful. I knew when it was time for senior portraits that they were going to be my first choice. The experience and outcome is unexplainable and worth the price. Portraits are something you cherish forever, why wouldn’t you choose the best?!

Take the time to go in to their studio and see what they have to offer. Once you see the results of your photo shoot you’ll be amazed, you won’t be able to pick just one – which is why I have books! I have one from every session we’ve done and they’re something I will keep forever.

My favorite part about my experience is the wonderful help that you receive. They are able to help you in so many ways and offer so many suggestions. I had no worries on taking their suggestions on frame selection and hanging my portraits, as I knew it would look wonderful. And of course it did!! They even offer to come and help you hang your portraits — who does that??!! Everyone on their staff is efficient and qualified to help you with whatever issue you may have, whether it’s location, outfits or just not sure what kind of pose to do. Leave everything to them and you will be amazed.

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