“Sitting in the studio at Kent Smith Photography, my eyes were filled with tears. Not for sadness, pain, or even disappointment, but for pride, thankfulness, and a father’s deep love for his daughter. Everybody knows the bond between a father and daughter is a timeless form of special. This bond became even more real for me in that moment sitting there watching what seemed to unfold as a time lapse video of the last 17 years of my daughter Kelsi’s life. It played out in fast forward as I watched her move from set to set of her senior picture’s indoor shoot. As her dad, the instant flood of emotions from this experience was like trying to drink from a fire hose, the happiness was more than I could take in.

Somehow I went from sitting in a chair in the delivery room at the hospital watching her get her newborn pictures taken to sitting in a chair in this amazing studio watching her shine as KSP captured another chapter in her life with her senior pictures. In just a few clicks of a camera she went from a bundle of baby love to a beautiful, talented, amazing young lady. I could not be happier than in that moment. I was filled with a renewed realization that she had literally grew up in the blink of an eye, and now I was blinking mine just to get the tears away and sneaking quickly into the hall to get a grip on myself, the lump out of my throat and of course to be sure I didn’t embarrass the posing senior.

Our journey with Kent Smith Photography has been such a fun and rewarding experience and, I will forever treasure what I regard as one of my richest experiences as a dad, those wonderful moments where, overwhelmed with joy, I occupied a front row seat to a talented photographer capturing all the grown-up beauty of one of my greatest gifts; my senior, my daughter, my Kelsi. Thank you KSP for the professionalism, quality, and value of your photography production. KSP is quite simply the best at creating moments and memories that last a lifetime. I can’t wait to continue experiencing more of these moments next year with Kelsi’s sister Shelby.”

–Jayme Baker (Kelsi’s dad)

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