In the first few months of 2017 our studio is offering a complimentary limited edition add on to your signature family session! This is the perfect opportunity to capture your children in a candid setting centered around the objects that will take them from toddlers to teens- their toys! We will photograph your entire family group and then when we’re finished we’ll change the scenery while your kids change clothes and will photograph them in an adorable setting playing with their favorite toys. We invited some girls to our studio and asked them to bring their favorite dolls, but this can be for boys as well! You never know what day will be the last day they pick up their dolls or trucks and this special memory is one you won’t want them to forget.

This session is a $95 session fee if scheduled separately from a signature family session.

We invite you to bring ALL of the special toys, sentimental decorations from their room, and anything else you would like to personalize it more for your children.

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