Our History

The History

It all began 27 years ago when Kent Smith set out to create a photography experience at the next level of luxury. It wasn’t long before he was able to leave his corporate day job and became known as THE photographer in Central Ohio.

In 1989 he broke ground for the current studio and never stopped growing. He has had so much fun watching babies he photographed become toddlers, seniors, brides and grooms and now parents.

Through the years Kent and Sarah received numerous industry awards and had their work featured in Kodak’s national ad campaign, Entertainment Tonight and showcased at Disney’s Epcot. With all of the awards and accolades, the best part of KSP is its heart. It was founded on the love of people. Our goal is to raise the self-esteem of every person that steps in front of our lens. It is a business built on bringing families closer together and celebrating the love people have for one another.

In early 2015, Kent handed the reins over to his long time manager, Sherri Davis, who continues to honor the rich history of giving our clients our best at all times, creating an unparalleled customer service experience that matches the quality of our portrait art.

Today Kent is enjoying retirement and occasionally returns to the studio to photograph upon request. He remains the soul of the company as we carry out his vision of crafting portrait art that tells a story.

Imagine yours.

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