On this past Wednesday, Kent Smith Photography had a snow filled opportunity to come together with our 2020 Senior Models and celebrate the cold!

Our beautiful campus was covered in a dusting of white sparkly snow, hot chocolate was bubbling with warmth in our lobby, in attempts to warm up cold fingers and toes. Amanda donned her winter gear and got behind her lens and let our Disney snow machine burst with white fluffy snow flurries to create a winter wonderland.

Although this scene was picturesque, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, we wanted our senior models’ inner beauty to be displayed as openly as their external beauty.

During this marketing shoot, we deiced to partner with the Make-A-Day Foundation.  The Make-A-Day Foundation looks to spread love and positivity in our local homeless community through random acts of kindness, charitable giving, volunteering, and purpose driven conversations. The winter months are tough on our homeless community, and we relied on our Model’s to make a big impact in efforts to close that deficit!

We were not disappointed by our 2020 Model’s! Some of the model’s cars were packed full of warm winter wear. Other’s came in with bags of all sizes, and McDonald’s gift card so that this community could have the opportunity to step out of the cold and receive a hot beverage. Some model’s asked help from their local communities and friends, and others even went as far to use their social media platforms for good when asking for charitable items.

Our Kent Smith team was not the only one who was impressed by their giving nature, but so was the Co-Founder of the Make-A-Day Foundation, Kyle Barger.  

Do you have a heart for giving? Are you looking for the opportunity to take fun, vibrant, and long-lasting photos? Want to make a new great group of friends in the Columbus area at large? Sign up for our 2020 Senior Modeling Program today! Click Here To Apply!

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