Stunning & timeless boudoir photography to celebrate you.

Boudoir photography can be playful, subtly sexy, sassy, pretty, sweet, flirtatious, romantic and elegant.   The style can be decided between you and our photographer, but it’s about you and what you feel your best in.  It can be your husband’s shirt and tie, sports jersey, little black dress, an oversized sweater – whatever makes you feel good.  You will love the way it makes you feel and the way you look in your images.

Think it’s not for someone like you?  Think again.  Boudoir photography IS for everyone – whatever your age, size or shape.  It is an amazing confidence booster, perhaps a present to yourself to mark a special achievement or event, or for a loved one as a gift.  Think stunning yet subtle, artistic rather than in-your-face.

Perhaps the idea of boudoir images conjures up the thought of embarrassing poses or having to strip to your underwear in front of a camera.  No way!  Kent Smith Photography is run by women and we are perfectly imperfect with the same wobbly bits that all women have.  We know what you’re thinking.  We have Amanda who is an expert on using, lighting, angles, poses and props to enhance your natural beauty.  She, along with our amazing hair and makeup artist, will pamper you and make you feel confident and beautiful.  It’s about you – as you are, the true, gorgeous you.  Confidence is truly beautiful.

We believe the key to a successful boudoir shoot is subtlety.  A whisper of sexy gracing your images is timeless and lovely — restraint at its most beautiful.


“I never imagined in a million years that I would do something like this.  I had so much fun and  Amanda made me feel comfortable.  I’m always trying to lose 10 or 15 pounds and know I would absolutely would not pose in lingerie, but a sexy, oversized sweater showing a little leg and shoulder? Yes.  I love my images and I’m having a portrait made for my husband to hang over our bed.  He’s going to love it and will be surprised that I did it.”  — Sherri

You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain. Call us at 614-866-1777, or email to talk more about your own session.


The Kent Smith Team

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