Hi Everyone! My name is Harley Snyder and I recently became a KSP Influencer! I was already a 2020 senior model at Kent Smith Photography and I did everything I could from indoor, outdoor, prom, and marketing shoots, and I just couldn’t get enough of being in the studio. I am now so excited to continue this process with Amanda and all the girls from KSP as an Influencer!

     When it comes to my style, you could describe it as all over the place! Sometimes I’m grungy and sometimes I’m the belle of the ball. I shop so many places to find the perfect pieces in my wardrobe. Some of my favorite places however are fab’rik, PacSun and Hollister! PINK is also my go-to place for all my comfy clothes!

     Most of the clothes I’ve worn for my shoots are from PacSun, Hollister and my best friend’s closet because she has super fun and cute clothes!!!! One accessory that you will never see me without and I wore in a lot of my shoots is my Tiffany bracelet that I got for my birthday, it’s a charm bracelet with a tiara charm!

     When shooting, makeup is vitally important not only for the camera, but also because it’s a big part of who I am, so a full face is always a must! I absolutely adored having my makeup done by Kirby and Jenny, especially getting to sit in the fancy chair and watching the masterpiece come to life in a large mirror surrounded by lights. I always felt so glamorous!!! When it comes to hair, I have very short hair that is extremely straight and thick so it’s always being crazy and sticking up all over the place!

     My dream photo shoot at KSP would be to fly Amanda out to Paris with me so we could get photos everywhere we went and never miss a moment!!! I think that would be magical and also getting to know Amanda more and hanging out with her sounds so so so cool!

     Fun Fact: I got diagnosed with osteosarcoma over a year ago and just finished treatment in January!! And I’m living a happy and healthy life now spending time with the people I love! Especially all my lovely ladies at Kent Smith Photography!

     I am so excited to start this new journey with KSP! If you would like to follow along with me and see all the fun things that I have planned ahead, follow me on all my social media accounts. My Instagram is where a lot of the posting will happen – @ccxhhxcc so you should definitely follow me there! 

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