The Story of FashionFest

where it all began

The Story

“…it has evolved into something bigger than we ever thought it could be.”

Our first FashionFest show was in January, 2015, at a church here in Pickerington, Grace Fellowship.  We had no idea if people would show up or how much money we would raise.  What we did know is that we were partnered with a great organization, Nellie’s Champions for Kids, and Nellie and her crew gave us some tips and guidance about planning a fashion show.  With that we were off to the races! Our show that year was a sellout and standing room only!  We raised over $9,000 for NC4K and everyone attending agreed that the emotion and fun of the evening made them feel as if they were part of a greater good. Since 2015, FashionFest has evolved into something bigger than we ever thought it could be.  

Our studio was built on the love of family and we create art every day that shows that love and connection.  We feel that connection to our community and are so honored to present a show each year that allows us to contribute in a big way to make a difference.

The very first FashionFest hosted at Grace Fellowship church in Pickerington. (2015)

In 2018 we began our partnership with Make-A-Wish since it has a special place in Amanda’s heart (our photographer).  Her college sorority, Chi Omega, participated in many philanthropic events fundraising for MAW.  She wanted to continue that relationship as an owner of Kent Smith Photography.

This year, Amanda, is a W.I.S.H. Woman and has committed to fundraising an amount that will allow at least one Wish to be granted.  Each Wish on average costs around $8,000 and we would like to raise enough to grant THREE.  Having a Wish granted has been shown to dramatically alter the outcome of a child with a chronic illness.  It also gives the family a special time to forget for a little while all the medical treatments, office visits, and exhaustion that comes with a chronic illness.  It allows them to be a family just like anyone else’s and they have the opportunity to create memories that don’t involve sickness.  You have a chance to help create that for them.

FashionFest is an amazing event and you will have a great time if you attend.  What you will take away from the show is a full heart from giving, and a blessed feeling for the good you have in your life.  You’ll forever be part of the fabric of Kent Smith Photography and will feel rewarded in ways that can’t be put into words.

If you would love to donate to our event but are unable to attend, please contact Amy Hawley at and she will help you.

Fashionably yours,

The Kent Smith Team

Our Vendors & Sponsors

Check out the amazing clothing vendors and sponsors that make FashionFest possible. 

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