Hey guys! My name is Bella Pieroni and I am an Influencer and a model at Kent Smith Photography. I really wanted to partner up with KSP because I believe it will help me discover who I really am and I love trying new things! I am so excited for this new experience! 

     If I had to describe my style, I would say that it would be a cross between many different styles.  The style that I mainly see coming through my wardrobe would be comfortable.  I’m the girl that loves a good pair of leggings and a cute cropped tank.  You won’t see me wearing jeans very often because it’s not really my style.  However, I’m also such a girly girl. I love dressing up in a cute dress with some heels, whether it’s going out to dinner or seeing a play/musical at the Ohio Theatre. 

     I have so many favorite places to shop, that I can’t even choose my absolute favorite.  When it comes to my everyday wear and where I buy my favorite comfy clothes, there are a couple places that I believe always have the best stuff.  I always have difficulty going into PINK and Lululemon because I go in there so much and I just want to buy the whole store.  I love Lululemon for my leggings because they are such good quality and they are my go-to’s, whether it’s for lounging around, running errands, or cheer practice and working out.  I am so obsessed with PINK’s workout shirts, from their cute and comfy tees all the way to their amazing sweatshirts.  Now, when it comes to dressing up, that’s a whole other beast.  I have found that my go-to store for any event would be Altr’d State.  Everytime I go in there on a mission to find the perfect dress or romper for an event, I am never disappointed.  If anything, I have so many choices that I love and find so extraordinary that I can’t just choose one. 

    I absolutely love the outfits I wore for my session. I decided that for my indoor and outdoor sessions that I would stick to similar ideas/outfits. I chose to wear a jumpsuit, romper, dress and an outfit with jeans. I  found both of my jumpsuits, a romper, and a dress from Dillard’s while on vacation.  Since we don’t have a Dillard’s in Columbus, I never realized what amazing buys that they have. My other romper I found at my favorite dress place, Altr’d State. Whenever I wear jeans, which isn’t very often, I always wear American Eagle jeans, which is where the jeans are from that I am wearing in this session.  I have found that I love their jeans so much. 

     The clothing style that I absolutely can’t live without would be the off-the-shoulder trend.  Around half of my pieces for my shoots are off-the-shoulder or strapless.  I don’t know in particular why I love this style but I believe that it is mainly because I love the way that it looks on me.  I feel very confident in this particular style so I have found that it is my go-to especially when dressing up. 

     When it comes to makeup, I am a natural girl by heart.  I have found that when I wear a ton of makeup like contour and a very intense eyeshadow look, I don’t feel like myself.  I feel like when I wear a bunch of makeup that I’m trying to hide who I am and how I look instead of embracing and loving the skin I’m in. I was super excited to see the creativity that the makeup artist would bring to my hair and makeup for the shoot. Just like any other girl, I love getting my hair and makeup done especially since it is such a rare occasion.  

     Overall, I am just super excited for this experience and I can’t wait to see where it takes me! Follow me on social media to see my journey with Kent Smith Photography – my Instagram is @bella.pieroni. There you will see all of these beautiful images and more, behind the scenes, and all the latest updates from KSP. Thanks for reading!

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