What is “beau-doir?” 

“Beau-doir” is a term we’ve created to describe a whole new style of portraiture – a stunning mixture of classic boudoir and elegant beauty portraiture that is subtly sexy. Much like the traditional Kent Smith style, beau-doir focuses on bringing out the inner beauty of every woman we work with, while keeping the look classy and timeless. 

Who is beau-doir for?

Beau-doir is for EVERY woman! We created this style to celebrate all women – regardless of age, size, or insecurity. Real women are not photographed nearly enough, and we want to bring confidence to the real women we love – our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends. 


“Every woman should have an experience like this in her life. From the moment I entered the studio I felt like royalty with the fabulous dressing room and my name on the door.  The hair and makeup artist is incredible, she will make you look like the most flawlessly beautiful version of yourself, but most importantly you will still look and feel like you! 


“Amanda made me feel like

I was a rock star and not just

the mom of two grown boys.” 


I felt confident and sexy in my own skin! I was floored when she showed me one of the pictures she captured of me during my session.  I looked at it in awe and thought WOW I look super sexy and hot for a forty-five-year-old mom!  I would urge any woman to treat themselves and have this wonderful experience of a lifetime.  We tend to be critical as women about our looks and our bodies – but after my session, I found a new inner confidence about myself feeling more beautiful about how I look and feel.  Thank you Kent Smith Photography!”

Karie K.


For your beau-doir session, you will be pampered and feel beautiful in our closed-off and secure camera room. As a team of all women, we promise to make you feel comfortable from the session, to viewing your images and picking up your order. 

You deserve to see yourself the way your loved ones see you – beautiful.


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