Hi, my name is Alyssa Woodrow and I recently became a KSP influencer for the class of 2020. I was so impressed with my older sister’s photos and then mine a year later that I wanted to do more not only for me, but for Kent Smith as a whole. 

     As an individual, I would describe myself as very unique and my style fits in that category. I like to keep things comfy, but also cute and trendy. But don’t get me wrong, you can also catch me in something more classy on a good day!! I shop at so many different places to where I can’t think of one single place that is my favorite. I do love Pac-Sun and Forever 21, but I try and keep my options very open. You might even find me in a thrift store to find something that completes my outfits! If you’re focusing more on my photo shoots, most of my clothing items are from Forever 21, Express, Pac-Sun, Rue 21, and Windsor!! I wouldn’t say I have a certain signature clothing piece or accessory for all of my shoots. I like to keep things different and incomparable, but if I had to think of something that is a signature piece in my wardrobe, it would be my tube-tops.

     When it comes to makeup, I am a natural type of girl. I haven’t been the type to wear makeup my whole life, but when it comes down to me getting my makeup done for a shoot, I am all for it. My favorite part about getting my hair and makeup done is seeing the progress throughout my time with the artist! My hair and makeup always turns out amazing, so it’s a great feeling when they’re all finished. As for my hair, it’s naturally straight and I wear it straight most of the time. I have thin, short hair so I never wear my hair curly unless it is for a special event like prom or homecoming. 

     My dream shoot at KSP would probably be somewhere on top of a building downtown where you could see the sunset in the background. I love the city so it would be a shoot I really would enjoy doing, plus with that beautiful background, it would just be the icing on the cake. What I am most excited about when it comes to taking photos at KSP is how I get to really be myself and not only get fun photo shoots, but also have awesome people around me to make sure everything turns out the best it can be. 

     A fun fact about me is I have been cheer leading since I was in kindergarten! I am one of 5 girls, so growing up seeing all of my older sisters cheer made me even more interested in becoming a cheerleader!!! Also, I am a twin so it was really cool being able to cheer with her by my side as well! 

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