Apply to be a 2020 Kent Smith Influencer

The KSP Influencer represents our studio as a brand ambassador!  We’re looking for individuals who are well regarded by their peers and are active socially.  Our program is very exclusive and competitive, we don’t accept every applicant and we will look at your social media to find out more about you.  We will be selecting the very best representatives for our studio!  Influencers are not limited to high school students – we’re also interested in families and adult individuals to represent all aspects of our photography. Our Influencers must have a minimum of 1000 followers on social media and have a public profile.  

We want you to connect with as many people as possible to share your experience with Kent Smith Photography.  There will be specific social media posts and engagement we will ask of you, as well as other items to benefit the studio in your role as a brand ambassador.  This information will be given to you during your interview.  In return you will receive discounted sessions, exclusive participation in marketing events, and all Influencers receive discounts on portraits and other products as well as referral bonuses.

Kent Smith Photography is a world class boutique studio in the heart of Pickerington, Ohio.  Our goal is to make everyone who steps in front of our lens look and feel amazing! 

Please follow us on Instagram @kentsmith to see the difference.

Our Model Influencers are the VIPs of our studio

We offer you discounted sessions and orders.  In return we rely on you to spread the word about our wonderful little studio.  We’re a hidden gem in Central Ohio and truly do rely mainly on word of mouth testimonials from current clients to let future clients know about us! 

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